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Amanda Howard

May 2017

“I decided to begin my fit journey after a picture was taken of me in a bikini on a family trip and realized how unhappy I was with my figure. I realized the stress, unhealthy habits, and not being as active as I used to be had taken a toll. I started doing Tiffany’s hair which led to lots of fitness talk over a few appointments. I took the plunge and started training with her, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. The gym is intimidating especially if you don’t really know what exactly to do, how to work machines, or what exercises would be best.

Tiffany made me feel so comfortable. She pushed me when I needed it. Motivated me to keep pushing and digging deep when I wasn’t into it that day or wanted to say screw it and give up, but she always kept me on track. Tiffany is not only an amazing trainer. She gets to know your body. What is best for you work out and diet wise. She tailors every workout even in a group setting to still make you feel like she is all about you. She stays on top of your diet to make sure you’re eating right and the right things that are going to give you the best results. She also always keeps you motivated with a inspirational text or talk. She cares about you not only in your fitness journey but also about your life. She is more than just a trainer. She is a friend, inspiration, leader, motivator, and has a heart of pure gold. She has an amazing talent and I am so thankful for her helping me in my fit journey. I know I would not be anywhere near where I am now without her and can’t imagine how I would make it without her!

If you are wanting the best trainer around she is your girl!!”

Frank Fisher

February 2017

“I was 265+ pounds, on cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, and had a health scare. I came to the realization that my lifestyle wasn’t working for me. I knew that without a drastic change, I wasn’t going to be there for my wife, kids, and grandchildren much past retirement. But, I also knew myself and knew that I had to go ‘all in’ or nothing would change. I signed on with Tiffany and committed to trust her and not deviate from the program….. at all!

To say it worked would be an understatement! When I finished the 6 month program, I was under 210 lbs. and was completely off the medications I had been taking for 20 years. I felt 20 years younger, was sleeping better and had much more energy. I donated bags of clothing and actually didn’t cringe when I looked in the mirror. Tiffany had tailor made her program for me, knowing that I travel a lot, but accept no excuse. She is tough, but she is tough because she cares! I was skeptical at first, but now I cannot recommend Tiffany highly enough! She added years to my life!!”

Alicia Rennerfeldt

July 2016

“Hi my name is Alicia Rennerfeldt and I’d like to tell you a story about how I changed my life. In July 2015 I was sitting on a beach in North Carolina. I was morbidly obese and quite frankly sick of my life. At 297 lbs and only 5 foot 4 I was tired, I hurt, I was miserable, had very little self-confidence and I was sick of it. I made my mind up that my life was going to change!!  I tried to do it on my own for a while but when that didn’t work I then decided I needed help.
I knew when I met Tiffany Price that she was exactly what I needed. The perfect personality for me! She was engaging, entertaining and she never let me get away with anything. She taught me about nutrition and Fitness. So in 10 months I was able to loose a total of 130 lbs. She gave me a plan, then said let’s work the plan, follow the rules and you will succeed. I’m a better massage therapist now because of the weight that I lost. I am stronger, more flexible and I’m going to be able to last a lot longer in my profession. I love what I do and I’m better at it because of Tiffany. I love my life life now.”

Yvonne Lee - Hawkins

December 2016

“Working with Tiffany, not only changed my body, but my life. I signed up for weight-loss and fitness training, but received so much more. I learned to set goals and achieve them. I started my journey at 210 lbs, with a goal to drop 40 lbs. Through Tiffany’s fitness and nutrition coaching, I reached and exceeded that goal plus many others. With her encouragement and training I’ve run half marathons, and just recently an ultra marathon; she also helped me set goals outside of fitness and weight-loss, including stress management, dealing with career and life changes, and creating over-all health and wellness for my family. Tiffany is a powerhouse of health and wellness and I am grateful to be a client. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll see what I mean! “

Amanda LaVecchia

July 2017

“About 9 months ago I began a journey. I decided that I wanted to become a healthier and better than I was the day before. This is when I sought out Tiffany. We met and I told her my goals. which, though not impossible were definitely challenging. I wanted to be lean but strong. As a former Dancer I wanted a feminine strong look. However when I began my weight lifting journey I became a power lifter because I loved being little but strong. I was about 130 pounds but strong. However I wanted to be smaller, leaner, but maintain my strength. Tiffany told me in no uncertain terms, that it was going to be tough. I accepted the challenge and so did she.

In the first 4 months we met bi-weekly I and sent her food logs, workout logs, making sure to notate everything I did. She taught me how to eat, and gave me nutrition advice that I use to this day, and continue to use to teach my own clients about their health. She tailored my workout and helped me learn how to better plan them and how to push my body beyond it’s normal limits. She even got me to understand the importance of cardio. By month 5, I had lost 10 pounds and gained more muscle mass, I dropped my body fat percentage as well. Then one day I decided to I wanted to compete in a body building bikini competition. I wanted to push even harder, and she took on the role and continued to train and guide me with grace and hard hand. We had 12 weeks to loose almost 10% more body fat and drop another 5-6 pounds to get me show ready. Tiffany provided me with everything I needed, and I listened to every word. I strayed occasionally, and life got in the way, but she was right there to push me back on my path. When something didn’t work, she listened to me, and fixed it. I owe Tiffany more than a thank you, I owe my new found confidence, my new passion for what I do, and my continued drive to the support and lessons she taught me. She held me accountable for everything I did. I have learned so much, I use a lot of it to not only better myself continuously but with all my clients as well. Thank you! You are a true friend, and true trainer because you believed in me.”

Peter M.

July 2017

“I knew I would be 60 years old before my first grandchild would be born, so I decided I needed to get in shape so that I could live longer, with a better quality and healthier life. A friend of mine had previously used Tiffany Price as his personal trainer. I gave him unmerciful grief for becoming a “label reading, organic food eater. After a few months of my grief, he responded that he had tried to lose weight for 30 years without success.  He was a professional and I was a professional. He said it makes sense to seek out professional services to be successful. I ruminated on this for months before I decided that he was right, and that I should interview Tiffany. My daughter was also very interested, and after a very positive interview experience we each decided to independently proceed.

At the start of January 2017, I weighed 205 pounds.  I was taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicine to manage my being overweight.

I realize there is a season in life for everything, and I dedicated myself to the season of getting in shape. For six months, I exercised as Tiffany instructed, and ate exactly what Tiffany told me. As a result, my weight is now 143 pounds (62 pounds lighter), and I no longer need blood pressure or cholesterol medicine! During this, I increased my muscle mass by 25 pounds. Therefore, my net loss of fat is closer to 85 pounds.

People ask if I feel better and have more energy and I say: I have been able to accomplish things I never thought possible including: completing a 5K race with my daughter, running a 5-mile race, and climbing Kroag Patrick in Ireland. I’m constantly getting positive comments from friends and colleagues about how much better I look, and I am very much encouraged by those comments. I have learned to drink smoothies in the morning and how to plan for not only one meal but for the whole week; prepared on Sunday afternoon and pulled out of the freezer as needed.

This has been a life-changing event for me and my family. I will continue to use Tiffany’s services so that she can hold me accountable. I’m not stupid, I already knew that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand for proper physical health. However, I know that I need an accountability partner to make sure that I follow through with my goals. Thank you Tiffany.”

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